Marriage Counselling

Love is a beautiful journey, but it can also be filled with challenges and obstacles that test even the strongest relationships. If you and your partner are facing difficulties or seeking to strengthen your connection, couples counselling can be a transformative path towards a healthier, happier partnership. At VOX we offer in-person (Barrie) or virtual (Ontario) Marriage Counselling. Our team is informed by the Gottman Method, and are able to help you build a lasting, loving relationship.


The Gottman Method: A Proven Approach to Couples Counselling

The Gottman Method for Marriage Counselling is a research-based, structured approach developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. With over 40 years of research and experience, the Gottman Method has helped countless couples worldwide improve their relationships, resolve conflicts, and build deeper connections.


Key Principles of the Gottman Method

This approach is grounded in several key principles that make it effective:

1. Building Friendship: The foundation of any strong relationship is friendship. The Gottman Method emphasizes the importance of nurturing friendship and emotional connection between partners. Strengthening your bond as friends lays the groundwork for a loving partnership.

2. Managing Conflict: Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. The Gottman Method provides tools and techniques to help couples manage conflicts constructively, communicate effectively, and find resolutions that satisfy both partners.

3. Enhancing Intimacy: Intimacy goes beyond physical closeness; it involves emotional connection and vulnerability. The method helps couples deepen their emotional intimacy, rekindle romance, and maintain a strong sense of affection and desire for one another.

4. Maintaining Positive Sentiment Override: In successful relationships, positive interactions significantly outweigh negative ones. The Gottman Method helps couples maintain a positive perspective in their relationship, fostering goodwill and appreciation even during challenging times.

5. Creating Shared Meaning: Couples are encouraged to explore their values, goals, and dreams, and find ways to create shared meaning and purpose in their lives together. This strengthens their connection and sense of unity.


Benefits of Marriage Counselling

Couples who undergo counselling often experience profound benefits:

      1. Improved communication and conflict resolution skills
      2. Enhanced emotional connection and intimacy
      3. A deeper understanding of each other’s needs and desires
      4. Greater empathy and compassion towards one another
      5. Renewed commitment to the relationship
      6. A toolkit for maintaining a healthy, loving partnership long-term


Taking the First Step Towards a Stronger Relationship

Marriage Counselling offers a structured and evidence-based approach to enhancing your relationship. It’s a proactive step towards addressing issues, strengthening your connection, and fostering a loving, lasting partnership.

If you’re ready to invest in your relationship and embark on a journey of growth and healing, don’t hesitate to reach out fro our team. Together, we can explore the unique dynamics of your relationship and work towards a happier, healthier future together. Your journey towards a stronger, more loving relationship starts here, and we are here to support you every step of the way.


Individual Therapy


**Covered by most insurance plans**

At VOX Mental Health we are trauma and attachment informed counsellors who are trained in methodologies such as CBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness and SFBT. We are committed to creating an environment where you can process your history, develop tools for coping, and expand your cognitive flexibility.

Couples Therapy


**Covered by most insurance plans**

Informed by the Gottman Method, VOX Mental Health is a place where you and your partner can begin to explore some of the perpetual and gridlock issues that keep you from being able to hear each other and develop genuine intimacy. We are equipped to help you develop skills and tools that will strengthen your relationship as you navigate communication, friendship, fidelity and intimacy.

Family Therapy


**Covered by most insurance plans**

VOX Mental Health is here to support you and your family. Whether it’s navigating the new dynamics of a blended family, mediating conflict, establishing communication strategies or learning how to set boundaries, we would be honoured to support you and your family in this season of life.

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